Case Studies Line BalancingLine Balancing:

As part of a company-wide production process improvement and installation of a comprehensive management operating system covering 11 divisions for the nations 3rd largest vertically integrated poultry producer, Mark 1045, Inc. identified a bottleneck in the whole bird case packaging department scales. This bottleneck caused multiple starts and stops in the process creating a snowball affect in other departments in the plant.

The team of internal consultants, trained in the tools to balance lines by Mark 1045, Inc. utilized Process Mapping and Line Balancing to correctly identify the required specifications for a new departmental layout. In turn the team consulted with the engineering department to create a new layout meeting all the criteria identified.

The result was an immediate 35% improvement in throughput (with a potential for 100% increase in capacity). Additionally, because the starts and stops in the process were eliminated, the entire facility ran more smoothly and benefited as a result.