Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Study Overview:

A vertically integrated poultry producer was a Mark1045 client. The producer was the third largest in the nation with eleven divisions, mostly in the southeast. Each division had its own facility. The engagement lasted over four years and included ten divisions.

Senior management constantly seeks to produce more with less. Competition and increasing costs make this a necessity. As the poultry market slumped, management needed short term savings to ride out the downturn. They also understood the benefits of having continuous improvement process in place even after the market recovered.

The results for the producer from Mark1045’s work:

  • Over $7 million dollars in actual cost savings generated.
  • An additional $28 million dollars in savings and revenue increases identified.

The goals set for Mark 1045, Inc. were to:

  • Train local management teams in tools used in the continuous improvement process
  • Create an environment where the continuous improvement process was “business as usual”
  • Identify short term cost savings
  • Implement cost savings; evaluate these for actual effectiveness

Mark1045 followed a logical process for structuring the entire improvement program.

Case Studies

Phase I: An analysis was conducted at the facility

Phase II: Teams were sent in to learn the tools from the Mark 1045 “tool box”

  • They were trained and led by Mark1045
  • A prototype department was chosen and process monitoring started
  • A closed loop management operating system was created
  • Using root-cause analysis, they developed action plans with detailed steps and implemented the identified improvements

Phase III: Management and Mark 1045 identified KPIs (key performance indicators) to monitor the improved areas.

Based on this success, management scheduled more facilities, each facility having its own teams. Mark1045 repeated the above process at each facility. An approach of “one facility at a time” allowed management to assess Mark1045’s performance numerous times during the engagement. They kept extending the contract as Mark1045 made improvements to one facility after another.

For details on projects within this program and other projects, refer to the detailed case studies, follow the links at the top of this page.