Is Your Company World Class?

Are you really as good as you think you are?

  • What would it mean to your company if every manager knew when they were off schedule in enough time to get back on schedule before the end of their shift?
  • How much capital would your company free up by a 50% or greater reduction of inventory?
  • Do you find your long lead time negatively affecting your sales?
  • How much more revenue would you generate by reducing processing time by 75% or more?
  • Do you know what a 50% improvement  in your cash-to-cash cycle time would mean to your cash flow?

What if you could make all of the above improvements with NO capital expenditure for new equipment or software?

  • We apply time tested continuous improvement methods based on our years of experience to implement structured management operating systems based on Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and TOC Principles to your business environment.
  • We teach the methods and tools while leading the improvements, securing the internal repeatability of the improvements.
  • We leave your company with a more highly skilled management team who will have the base of knowledge and a structured system to take your company to the next level and beyond.

Why Mark 1045, Inc.?

  • We understand we are not only improving your “system” of operations, we are ultimately partnering with your most valuable asset, your employees.  We work hard to be better than anyone in our industry when interacting with your people.
  • We work along side you on the shop floor.
  • We believe in finishing what we start. Improvements are not complete until implemented and evaluated.

What is the next step?

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