Our Process

Our ProcessWhat would the game plan look like?

Phase I  (Pre-Implementation Phase)

  • Facility Analysis (See below for a description of the Analysis Process)
  • Identifying the approach
  • Designing the project

Phase II (Implementation Phase)

  • Tool design and installation
  • Installing controls and growing your human capital
  • Applying fact-based solutions and monitoring results
  • Developing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Phase III (Maintenance/Legacy Phase)

  • KPI monitoring, ensuring the long-term viability of the implemented solutions
  • Auditing of the system

Common Issues:

  • Shop floor arranged in “process villages” with production scheduled in batches
  • ERP & MRP Systems, when present, are either poorly integrated or are no longer effective, usually because they are too complex resulting in expediting of orders (“work-arounds” created)
  • Today’s technology is often layered over other systems or processes that are sub-standard. This issue tends to either intensify or mask the real issues
  • The “Blocking and Tackling” have given way in attempt to patch current systems

Flexible, customized solutions that fit your organization:

  • Guidance and direction of Kaizen events using proven leadership techniques
  • Initial development of all shop floor improvements and associated controls based on the Principles of Lean Manufacturing/Six Sigma
  • Working with your team, teaching the use of tools to perform analyses of targeted areas
  • Provide ‘real world’ solutions to your shop floor while teaching world class problem solving techniques
  • Follow up

The most successful implementations occur when the Senior Management leads the process internally and provides a “safe” environment for everyone else in the organization to be open and honest in suggestions for improvements.  We provide the initial ‘hands on’ application of valuable tools to quickly establish an atmosphere of change (sometimes referred to as a Kaizen Event).  Then, together, we will begin to transform your organization into a global competitor.

By the time we are complete, you will have employees who have a new wealth of knowledge, feel refreshed and newly challenged about his or her career.

Analysis Process:

During initial discussions we will ask for a tour of your facility.  Based on these initial discussions, the perceived opportunities, the size of your operations and the scope of the stated project we will assign a team to conduct an analysis of your operations.

At the end of the first week of the analysis, we will present our initial findings.  If there does not appear to be enough critical opportunities to continue we will tell you so and end our analysis at no cost to you.

If however, everyone agrees we have unearthed enough opportunities requiring further study, we will return to following week.  At the end of the second week we will again sit down with you and discuss the issues in your organization that are keeping it from reaching its full potential.

By this time, you will have a sense of how we interact within your organization.  In our experience, the more comfortable you are with us, our approach and the validity of our findings the more effective our engagement.

At this point, it is up to your organization to decide whether you have the core competencies required to address those issues internally or whether you would be best served by partnering with Mark 1045, Inc.  If the decision is to move forward with an implementation the analysis fee is waved.  We have found starting the engagement as soon as possible builds on the momentum created in the first two weeks of the analysis.

If you decide to address those issues internally, all we ask is to be reimbursed for our analysis results at a nominal fee previously agreed upon in our initial discussions.