Case Studies YieldYield Improvement:

As part of a company-wide production process improvement and installation of a comprehensive management operating system covering 11 divisions for the nations 3rd largest vertically integrated poultry producer, Mark 1045, Inc. identified the opportunity to create a comprehensive, objective, standardized debone monitoring system company wide.

Before implementation it was necessary to develop company-wide standardized measurements, as well as, develop the process to capture the information and report it not only to management, but to the associates on the line.

In collaboration with senior management a process was created which met all the criteria and utilized existing database capture systems to record the results. A method for measuring the effectiveness of the debone operations was established and recorded. A training process was developed for measuring the debone results and shared across the organization in order to establish standardization. Additionally, visual management controls were installed on the shop floor to give feedback to line associates periodically throughout their shift.

The results were positive in every debone facility. Management likes to have objective, standardized measurements so they can benchmark internal improvements, as well as, being able to measure themselves against sister facilities. Supervisors appreciated having the results periodically throughout their shift to coach and reward associates when necessary. While all facilities experienced improvement, one facility in particular experienced over $2,000,000 improvement in yield.